About us


A band is an idea. It can exist as a vision in the architect’s mind- but never complete. It is when this vision reaches its audience, it turns into something more and greater than the sum of its parts. An artist can reach his audience through images, stories and crafts. Our art comes from a spoken culture – a musical culture – and it is from the stage it shall be conveyed.


We are Einherjer
Frode Glesnes – guitar, bass & vocals
Gerhard Storesund – drums & samples
Ole Sønstabø – lead guitar
Tom Enge – guitar & backing vocals

In over twenty years we have carried out our vision.
We were there when Norwegian extreme metal grew forth and took shape as an enormous cultural export. We played far and wide. At home and abroad. We were part of something new. Something special and innovative. We were there when Norwegian metal gathered and inspired thousands. We were there and swung the hammer when Viking metal was forged as a unique expression that later inspired countless bands, worldwide. Now the horns of war sound again. And Einherjer is there. Behind us we have an array of albums – some of which stand as milestones in a genre of explosive growth.


Our Norse heritage is a phenomenon that reaches far beyond what one can hear alone. It is an amalgamation of the mystique and sagas of old, of songs and poems, of woodcutting and sword grinding and the vikings merciless way of life. It’s a cultural patchwork that fills the consciousness with the brutal majesty of the Nordic nature, the elemental strain, of mighty longships plowing the black seas to reach unknown shores. The wisdom of the gods and their Valhalla. Of cultural encounters and trade. Of violence and brutality. Of tough men in a tough time. Our hometown Haugesund also rings with historic sound, and from our own shores on the west coast of Norway the influence of the vikings stretched towards the sea and the world beyond. The adventurers, pioneers, poets and craftsmen have inspired Einherjer to go their own way. The vikings courage and boldness have inspired us to never compromise our vision: A vision that is a unique, self-made, original and modern interpretation of our mighty Nordic heritage.

Einherjer have never used their banner to spread cowardly and ignorant propaganda. We never seek entry in the un-culture extremists taint our ancestors with. We wish to give people in all countries knowledge to what we feel is a mysterious and fascinating culture that can be shared and enjoyed by many. Our history rings with the same sound and side by side with other cultures worldwide. From the age of the Egyptian pharaohs, the splendor of the Roman Empire, the genius of the Inka, the bastions of Constantinople, the wonders of the east, the honor of the Samurai and the Greek philosophers.
Our heritage is a world heritage


We strive to renew ourselves. We strive to retell our history in a new way. Wrapped in a new soundscape, but with the same spirit that has followed Einherjer since the beginning. In the wake of “Norrøn”, we once again tread a new path. “Av Oss, For Oss” was nominated for Spellemannsprisen (Norwegian Grammy) for Best Metal Album 2014. 2016 marked the 20th years anniversary for our debut album so we celebrated the event with by re-recording the album. A decision made because of our love for the original recording, not in spite of…


Four years after the acclaimed “Av Oss, For Oss”, and two years after the re-recording of “Dragons of the North”, Einherjer returned with broadened horizons and even broader foot positioning.
After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, we were delighted to announce that a new album was at your doorsteps. A release in every aspect!
We called it “Norrøne Spor” – Norse Tracks. 10 new anthems of Norse Heavy Metal, as it behooves in a familiar Einherjer style. Once again we dove into our deep pool of inspiration.
The ground we stand on. Our home..


2020 slapped us in the face with a nasty little surprise that would hold the entire world by its balls with unprecedented perseverance. A shot across the bow. So, what will be our guiding light through this dreary and dystopian mess, you might ask? Music, of course. The glue that keeps us all together. Nothing like a good ‘ol tragedy to boost our creativity, right? So we hunkered down, and concocted some songs for you guys and gals. What else to do, when you have rounded Netflix…TWICE. Trapped in the laziness of existence, we managed to log off somewhere during round three, stumbling through empty beer cans and toilet paper. Somehow we found the strength to pull our shit together. I mean, the world must go on, even if it looks like Picasso. We are proud to present to you – “North Star”! 8 familiar Einherjer tunes, in unfamiliar waters. “Press on, and keep the flame alive. This shitshow won’t leave a dent in our armor”. So other than that, please feel free to make a motivational Unicorn meme with that last line.